What We Do

Local Assemblies

Agape Tabernacle Ministries establish and develops local assemblies. “The Incubator Centre” which is an apostolic prophetic and pioneering ministry where teaching and training is provided to believers to enable them to make the transformation into sons (true worshippers).

Agape Tabernacle seeks to build a dwelling place for God through corporate prayer, praise, worship, study of the word and fellowship to provide an atmosphere where believers together seek the face of God. Agape Tabernacle is a ministry were all the visions, gifting and anointing of each believer works together to re-establish God’s order on the earth and assist in meeting the needs of the wider community.


This is a place where everyone can grow, develop and be empowered to impact their area of influence for the Kingdom of God. This is a place where children and young people are crafted and cultivated to achieve their God given potential.

Community Outreach Through our C.O.R.E Initiatives, projects are established to enable Agape Tabernacle Ministries to accomplish its goals and objectives for the community.